How many of you have a favorite musician/band you would love to see perform live? For this week’s blog post, in a minimum of 250 words, explain what musical artist(s) you would recommend coming to perform at Paulson Stadium. And, since you’re in a PR writing class, describe how you would publicize this event to not only the students, but to the surrounding communities as well (i.e. Statesboro, Savannah, etc.).


It’s no secret…being happy changes how you feel – about yourself, about others, etc.  Take the time in this week’s blog to discuss the things that make you happy (keep it clean).  What do you do to cheer yourself up when you’re not feeling so happy? (again, keep it clean).

Remember, you must post your response on your blog.


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Since you began your tweeting for a week, this week’s blog is also about social media.

According to this article from Media Post, teens and tweens are so obsessed with their phones they experience FOMO. Do you agree or disagree with the statements and/or statistics in the article? Why? Thinking back to your time in high school, how attached were you to your phone? How often were you using social media? Has your social media use declined or grown since leaving high school? How?

How often do you experience FOMO? What do you do about it?


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Whether you realize it or not, you’ve changed since you began your academic journey at Georgia Southern.

If you could go back to freshman year, would you do anything differently? If so what & why? What if you could give your younger self advice, what would you tell yourself?





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You’ve grown up with superhero cartoons and movies. If you could have super powers, which superhero power(s) would you want to have? Why did you choose those? What power(s) would you not want to have and why?





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spring-breakNext week is spring break 🙂 What are your plans? Are you heading to the beach, a cruise, visiting family, working, etc.? Share your plans (keep it clean).

If money were not an object, where would you want to head to this spring break? Why?

writing-reviewsBefore a purchasing an item or using a particular service, how often have you or your parents/family members looked to reviews posted online? Often these reviews (for hotels, restaurants, events, businesses) help the next person in their decision making process. In one study researchers found customer reviews were more helpful than those of “experts.”

This article provides six tips to writing a great product review. For this week’s blog, select something to review (a restaurant, a particular product/service, hotel, piece of equipment, etc.) on your blog. In your review rank what you are reviewing on a five point star scale (5 stars is high, 1 star is low), but be sure to back up your ranking in your written review. Include a photo of what you are reviewing.

Following is a link to a product review yours truly wrote about Biscoff Cookies. Remember to include a disclaimer if you received the product for “free” in exchange for writing the review. This is an FTC guideline – not disclosing this fact could get you into some hot water….