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Bickerton, Mary
Blount, Candice
Brown, Sydney
Childers, Chanice
Dale, Kelly
Davis, ReGia
Demarko, Natalie
Ennis, Ashly
Gallagher, Taylor
Gardner, Erica
Glover, Samantha
Gonzalez, Gigi
Halpern, Brianna
Hene, Hallie
High, Taylor
Jackson, T.J. (Howard)
Johnson, Casey
Kepshire, Amanda
Kidd, Taylor
King, Shayla
Kolesar, Brian
McGlashan, Kayla
Mueller, Rachael
Navarro, Crystal
Patten, Olivia
Porter, Paul
Pulliam, Carrie
Rand, Ashley
Terrell, Taylor
Todd, Rob
Tuggle, Annie
Tuoyo, Cyntessa
Vickers, Chris
Yarbrough, Jenna


Welcome to summer term b!

PRCA 3030 & PRCA 3330 students, hopefully you have read the directions on Georgia View and are here at my blog to give me your blog address. (See the post that follows –

Also, as I mentioned in the e-mail, I have listed your first two weekly blog topics as well (see posts that follow). Remember, these must be written on YOUR blog, not commented on here. Also, don’t forget that your comments to classmates is a separate blog entry (again, on your blog).

I am looking forward to a great semester with all of you! Please let me know if you have any questions. This summer, you can reach me via e-mail, Georgia View e-mail or twitter.


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All PRCA 3330 & PRCA 3030 students: please reply to this post with your blog address (even if you were in my  class before, respond to this post). First, click comment, then at the bottom of the post you will see an area in which to leave a reply. You must include your name, which class you are in (PRCA 3330 – PR Writing or PRCA 3030 – Social Media), followed by your blog address. For example, Joe Smith, PRCA 3030 –

Once I have everyone’s blog addresses, I will create a post listing your name and blog address so that you can read each other’s blogs and make comments as stated in the syllabus.

For blogs that pertain to your class, click on the PRCA 3330 or PRCA 3030 link, respectively, under Categories on the right side of your screen. All Topic of the Week blog topics will be found under the Topic of the Week category.

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This TOW is for the PRCA 3030 class.

With the skill set you have, or will have by the time you graduate,  you understand the importance (hopefully) of social media. How would you sell new technology (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc.) to a client or to your employer? What are the advantages of using social media in a campaign?






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Disney is in hot water. Not for its long lines or ticket prices, but for one of its attractions. The attraction in question, Habit Heroes, has been closed and Disney has not announced when the attraction will reopen. Habit Heroes was an attempt by the mega popular theme park to show visitors the downside of bad habits, such as gluttony and insecurity, and to promote healthy habits including food choices. See information on the story here:;

Closer to home, earlier this year the Atlanta Journal Constitution ran a story about anti-obesity and the campaign that is currently taking place, along with the backlash they have received. See the story here:

With talk of obesity problems with children and the campaigns by Disney and in the state of Georgia, what are your thoughts? Do you think Disney was using, as Boesveld stated in her article, “stereotypes traditionally used to torment overweight kids?” Are these campaigns doing more harm than good? Or, is it that some may not want to face what is going on in the nation, or even in their own household? Have any of you seen the billboards in the metro Atlanta area? What were your thoughts when you saw them the first time?

If you were asked to come up with a campaign regarding anti-obesity in children, what would you recommend? Who would your target audiences be? How would you reach them (traditional media, social media, combination, etc)?

Please note: Respond directly to this post in the comments section. Your responses must be submitted by noon, Friday, March 23, in order to receive credit. Also, leave your name at the end of your post so I know who wrote the comment.

p.s. The photo is mine. 🙂

This TOW is for the PRCA 3030 class.

In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of social media?




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This TOW is for the PRCA 3030 class.

As we discussed in class last week, Pinterest is a fast growing social media site. It was reported that the site set the record for the “fastest standalone website to surpass the 10 million mark” (  Read the following articles and use the following questions to craft your blog post. Do you see PR value in Pinterest? Please describe why/why not. Do you think it is a fad that will be here today and gone in a few months? Do you have your own Pinterest account? How often do you use it, repin or like items, etc.? Would you recommend Pinterest to others (friends, co-workers, etc.)? Why/why not?

How 11 brands are reaching customers on Pinterest

PR pro recommends Pinterest—a social media platform for visual thinkers

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