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For your final blog of the semester (can you believe we’re at the end of the semester already?!), I have a few questions for you to reflect on and discuss on your blog.

* What were the highs and the lows of the semester (in this course)?

*What would you want to change & why?

*Which assignment did you like most/least? Why?

*If you could add an assignment to the course, what would you recommend? Why?

*What have you learned that you will take with you into the next semester?

*Of all our guest speakers over the course of the semester, who was your absolute favorite? Why?


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thankful2Thanksgiving is next week. Other than being a bring from school, I want you to take a moment (or two) to give thanks for the people, places, things, etc. you are grateful for (minimum of 10) and why.








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It’s homecoming week at Georgia Southern! What activities are you participating? Why? Are there some you won’t, why? Are you attending or participating in the parade? Are you helping promote someone for homecoming court? What parts of homecoming week do you like most/least? If you could offer one suggestion to improve homecoming week, what would it be?

Once you are an alum of Georgia Southern, do you plan to come back for homecoming weekend? Why/why not?



Remember, your blog post must be a minimum of 250 words.

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Scandal-ABC MadMen


Discuss the portrayal of public relations in mass media. Are the images helpful or hurtful to the field? Can/should these images be changed? How?

Did you choose PR as a major or minor due to something you saw in any of these mediated images (i.e. Olivia Pope, “Scandal” or a character from “Sex & the City or “Mad Men”)?

If you are a fan of “Scandal” you will understand what I mean in the following questions (even if you don’t watch it, everyone needs to respond to these questions): how far are you willing to go for a client? Hide a dead body? Lie to the press?  Are you willing to lay down your personal ethics in order to accomplish a task for a client? Why/why not? What is a line you are not willing to cross (ethically or morally) regardless of what the client offers you (i.e. money, position, etc.)?



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In one week is the day many children look forward to…time for dressing up as various characters and going door to door to ask strangers for candy.

Do you still dress up and attend a party for Halloween? Do you pass out candy to trick or treaters…are you still participating in the gathering of candy? Do you carve a pumpkin to place or your porch?

What is your favorite memory of Halloween when you were a child? Do you have any good stories when you were “tricking” someone and got caught?

If you have a picture (and it’s appropriate) of Halloween past, please share it.


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The Kiwanis Ogeechee Fair is being held this week at the fairgrounds on Highway 67 (aka Fair Road).

What are your favorite memories as a child of fairs you have attended? What are/were your favorite rides? Food? Are you planning to attend the fair this week (did you attend the fair)? If so, discuss your reasons for attending. If did not attend/aren’t planning to attend, why not? If you did attend, what did you do while at the fair?


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Hurricane Matthew. Two words you are not likely to forget…at least not any time soon.

Before this storm, what did you know about hurricanes? Have you ever experienced one? If so, what do you remember doing to prepare for it?

How did you prepare for Hurricane Matthew? Did you evacuate? Why/why not? What will you do differently/the same should you encounter another hurricane?

How did you see agenda setting theory at work in the news (wherever you were – Statesboro, Augusta, Atlanta, etc.)?


Remember, your blog post must be a minimum of 250 words.


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