This topic is for PRCA 3334 – Social Media & PR


Read this article, this discuss the following questions on your blog.

How do you feel about college admissions officers checking potential students social media usage? Is there anything on any of your social media accounts you wouldn’t want anyone to see? Did you know that even though you may think your account is “locked up” and no one can see what you’ve posted companies have been known to ask someone who is a “friend” or “follower” of yours to look at your profile and report back? Would you spy on a “friend” for your employer? Why/why not?

There have likely been many times when someone was not hired based on what they posted on their social media account(s). Career Builder noted the number of employers not hiring someone based on things they have said and photos they have posted on a social media account is on the rise. Do you think this is fair? Why/why not?

In your opinion, do you think employers will continue to take someone’s usage of social media into account before hiring them? Explain your response.

Remember, you must post your response on your blog.

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