fallTVFall brings with it many things including pumpkin spice everything, earlier evenings, football, and television shows season premieres. With the fall TV season well underway, discuss the following questions on your blog:

  • Are there any new shows you’re hooked on?
  • Are there shows you’ve continued to watch from season to season? (name them)
  • How do you select the shows you will watch on a weekly basis?
  • What causes you to stop watching a series after one or two episodes?
  • If you could bring back a show that has been canceled, what would it be and why save it?
  • As a PR professional, how would you publicize either your current favorite show or the renewal of the show you wish to save? What types of PR writing pieces would you include (i.e. social media, press release, fact sheet, PSA, media advisory, promotional item, etc.)?


Image from http://aiminglow.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/fallTV.jpg