This topic is for PRCA 3334 (Social Media & PR).

According to Nielsen, the biggest Twitter TV audience between Sept. 1, 2014 and May 24, 2015, was the Super Bowl with 25.1 million tweets. Where you one of those tweets? They also reported The Walking Dead as the number one show on their Top 10 Series on Twitter. I honestly thought it would have been Scandal, which came in sixth on the list.

Do you watch any of the shows on the Top 10 list? Did you watch any of the shows on the Top 10 Specials? If yes (to either question), which did you watch? What about the Top 10 Sports Events?

Do you tweet during TV show(s)? What causes you to tweet (or not tweet) during a TV show? Have you noticed many shows have a hashtag in the bottom corner of the screen in an effort for fans to engage not only with the network, but with one another?

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