This weekend PRSSA at Georgia Southern hosted the Regional Conference “Brand Yourself.” If you didn’t attend, you missed a lot of great information.

In a panel discussion, Liana Moran, Marjorie Young and Chris Harvin offered valuable information regarding branding yourself. Read the following information and this article, then discuss the questions on your blog.

Branding yourself goes hand in hand with your reputation. Liana Moran, assistant account executive at the Wilbert Group and an alumna of our department, asked participants, “What do you see when you Google yourself?” Marjorie Young at Carriage Trade PR in Savannah stated, “You are your brand. What you do will affect that.”Chris Harvin, partner at Barbaricum and an alum of our department, shared “Know what you want your brand to achieve. You can’t create an effective brand if you don’t know what it is.” Liana added to “show your personality through your brand.” Keynote speaker Mickey Nall, of Ogilvy Public Relations, shared “Brands are born of experience and reflect reputation. Your personal brand is key. What do your social platforms say about you? ”

In her breakout session, Julie Davis, at Georgia Pacific and alumna of our department, said “If people don’t trust you, they will never respect you. Perception is reality.”

Finally, our kick-off speaker Tressa Robbins, of Burrelles Luce, reminded students to “Cross promote yourself. Include your LinkedIn url on your Twitter profile and vice versa. Also, be consistent with the photo/avatar used on each social media platform.”

For more great tweets about the Conference, search #WhatsYourBrand15 on Twitter.

In your blog I want you to discuss the following questions:

  • When you Google yourself, what do you find? Are the links positive? Is there another person with the same name who has a bad reputation? What will you do to have your search results be higher than theirs?
  • What is your brand? What do you want to be known for? What are you doing to promote this?
  • What do your social media platforms say about you?
  • Do people trust you? What is their perception of you?
  • What experience do you have so far that you can bring to a potential employer?
  • What is it about you that stands out from the rest?
  • Are you cross promoting yourself?
  • Are you consistent with your photo/avatar? If not, why?

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