social-media-starRead the following articles, the discuss these questions:

Celebrities have been using social media along with everyone else for quite some time. Which celebrities do you follow? Why did you choose to follow them? Have you unfollowed a celebrity? If so, why?

Of the celebrities you follow, or followed, what rating (A-F) would you give them in terms of how they used social media to connect with their fanbase? Explain the rating.

One of the following articles discusses Will Ferrell using his celebrity to raise money for charity. Have any of the celebrities you follow used social media to raise money for charity? If so, did you donate to their cause? Why/why not? Do you think some celebrities are able to get others to donate based on their celebrity status?

If your favorite celebrity is not on social media, or not very active, if you worked for them/their agent how would you pitch the idea of using social media to connect with their fans?


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