Dove launched their #SpeakBeautiful campaign during the Oscars this year to take the focus off what the stars were wearing. O’Malley’s article quoted Jennifer Bremner, director of marketing at Dove, who explained the campaign reflected the “brand’s leadership position.” “As a beauty brand … we believe it is our responsibility to inspire change for women on social media,” Bremner said. “With #SpeakBeautiful, we are asking women to consider the power of a single social media post.” An InStyle article, focused on the anti-cyberbullying aspect of Dove’s campaign. People are encouraged to share their photos on Dove’s website at http://www.dove.us/Our-Mission/Real-Beauty/default.aspx.

First, what are your overall thoughts on Dove’s #SpeakBeautiful campaign? How successful would you say it is at this point? Do you have any recommendations to improve the campaign?

Have you seen the #SpeakBeautiful ads on television? Did you see them during the Oscars? What do you think of these ads?

Does your assigned or selected client have a social media specific campaign? If so, share the link. What about a hashtag specific to the campaign. If so, share the hashtag as well.

If one or neither of your clients has a social media campaign, what would you suggest they do? What should its focus be? Who should be targeted? When should it begin? How often should it be promoted on social media? Would you include a way for followers to share photos, videos, quotes, etc. with the company (i.e. a website, blog, etc.)?

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image from http://www.dove.us/Our-Mission/Real-Beauty/default.aspx