What to watch? It’s what YouTube asks on their site. Did you know YouTube celebrated its 10th anniversary Feb. 14?

Thinking about both your assigned and selected client, and your own use of the site, discuss the following questions:

How often do you watch videos via the YouTube website? When/if you visit the site are you looking for something in particular or to watch”what’s popular?”

How often do you watch an embedded YouTube video on Facebook? What causes you to click on the video?

Does your assigned client have a YouTube account? What about your selected client? How often do either post to their account? How many subscribers do they have? How many videos in all have they posted?

What video has the most views on both your assigned and selected clients pages? Why do you think they were watched so many times?

If they don’t have a YouTube account, is it something you would recommend they use? Why/why not? How would you pitch it your client as being a good idea?


Remember, you must post your response on your blog.

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