Since its inception YouTube has allowed users to share videos. Videos range from the informative, to education, to the ridiculous.

This week you will do a couple of things on your blog.

First, how could your client use YouTube to share messages with its public(s)? Are they already using it? If so, how effective do you think it is?

Second, share one or two of your favorite YouTube videos (nothing vile or offensive) and describe why you enjoy them. (to embed a video clip into your post, in YouTube click share, then click on the Embed tab and copy the code listed. In your WordPress posting click on the Text tab and paste the embed link). If you have trouble embedding the video, simply list the links to the videos.

This is one of mine, “Spider.” This is a short film I saw at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. I find it extremely amusing (well, except for this one part at the end that will make you cringe). 🙂

A sequel, of shorts, to “Spider” is “Bear.” (p.s. take note of the color of Jack’s eyes). In my opinion, not as good as “Spider.”


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