If you’ve been watching the news at all over the past couple of weeks then you have heard about Kevin Clash, the puppeteer who brings Elmo to life (if you haven’t, Google it). With Clash’s exit, what does it mean for Elmo? Some public relations practitioners are recommending bringing in someone else to fill the role. Is Elmo tainted by Clash’s actions – guilt by association? Ragan’s PR Daily recently posted the article “4 things you didn’t know about Sesame Street’s PR”. They state that the handling of the incident with Clash was “textbook crisis PR.” If you were a member of Sesame Street’s public relations team, how would you suggest they handle this crisis? Do you agree with the way the handled it? In your opinion, what is Elmo’s future?



Image from http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20071004224935/muppet/images/1/17/Sesame_Street_Characters.jpg