Shortly after the 2012 election results were announced, many took to social media either in support of President Obama, or in sharing their disapproval. Unfortunately, there were individuals who took their disapproval to a whole new level. The Statesboro Herald ran a story, Woman’s racist Facebook post goes viral, about one such incident.

An employee of a local doctors office made remarks using racial slurs to voice her disapproval of Obama winning a second term in office (see screenshot below).


Several became enraged by her comments, leaving one person to ask:

Are African Americans safe at this office? Does this young lady care for African Americans as she does all patients? 

WTOC in Savannah reported the employee was fired for the comments she made online. In the interview one of the doctor’s in the practice makes clear that though she was an employee, her views were not that of the practice. This social media story spread like wildfire, reaching Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Fla., and Wilmington, N.C.

As a future public relations practitioner, what would you have done in this situation? Did the doctor’s office act correctly? Promptly? We talked earlier in the semester about social media policies. If the office had one in place, do you think this still would have happened? As mentioned in the WTOC story, should employees refrain from listing where they work on their Facebook pages? Do you think this story will do damage to the reputation of the doctor’s office?  What can the doctor’s office do to make its patients feel they are safe?


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