Perhaps you’ve seen this commercial. It’s a new product from Dr. Pepper. What’s so different about it? It’s target audience is men. Only men. In the commercial, they make a direct point of stating that the drink is not for women. Some see this as a clever campaign and that women get the joke, while there are others who are finding it offensive.

From a public relations standpoint, in your opinion, what did Dr. Pepper do that was good with this campaign? Obviously there has been some backlash ( ) to this campaign. If you were representing Dr. Pepper, what would you do to counter these negative statements and feelings? Would you change any of the tactics currently being used? If so, what would you change? Due to the fact that half of the population has been told this product is not for them, what would you suggest they do in order to keep them from boycotting all Dr. Pepper products?


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