“Pregnancy in Hollywood can be seen as a coming-of-age event, which turns the characters in these films and shows into role models for young girls all over America” (Lubeck 2010, p. 1). It wasn’t that long ago that if an unwed teen became pregnant, she “disappeared” until after the child’s birth (Kosoko 2009). In another paper, Vidal (2010) states, “The media is contributing to the rising teen pregnancy rate in the United States, with its excessive portrayal of causal and risky sexual behavior, and lack of images of healthy sexual relationships and realistic consequences” (p. 1). With all that said, do you think shows like MTV’s “Teen Mom” and “Sixteen and Pregnant” are glamorizing major issues like teen pregnancy and parenthood? Are they doing more harm than good? Though these shows at times show the trials of being a teen mom, often young women may see that these young women have become “stars,” landing on the cover of magazines. In your opinion, what could be done to use these shows to show more of the unglamorous side of being a teen mom?


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