Pet PeevesEveryone has them. Some are minor, while others seem to drive you over the edge. What are they? Pet peeves. Those things that annoy us. What annoys you and why?


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PRCA 2330 – Fall 2016

Beckum, Jordan
Behzadian, Sam
Bishop, Kyela
Bryce, Julie
Callahan, Autumn
Carr, Sara
Cox, Maddie
Crook, Phoebe
Eaton, Cayley
Elliott, Amber
Greene, Kendall
Hanna, Aungelique
Hulsey, Alex
Kuhn, Justin
Laster, Frank
Lawler, Lennox
Lee, Markas
Manson, Katelan
Mobley-Luke, Rian
Mohr, Annie
Moore, Taylor
Nimnicht, Caroline
Ochsenknecht, Jennifer
Powell, Jackson
Powell, Jane
Price, Copeland
Price, Tamara
Rushworth, Alexa
Schroeder, Emmy
Smith, Tanner
Tuz, Sarah
Waters, Haley
Willett, Bailey
Wood, Avery

Public RelationsWhat made you want to be a public relations major? Was it a person, social media, an advisor, family member, TV show, etc.? How did you find out about public relations? What do you want to do with public relations when you graduate?

For those who are public relations minors, why did you select it as a minor?

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This topic is for both PRCA 3330 & PRCA 3334

For your final blog of the semester I have a few questions for you to reflect on and construct your blog around.

* What were the highs and the lows of the semester (in your respective course)?

*What would you want to change & why?

*Which assignment did you like most/least? Why?

*If you could add an assignment to your course, what would you recommend?

*What have you learned that you will take with you into the next semester?

*For those of you who are graduating, what will you take with you into your first job outside college?


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This topic is for both PRCA 3330 & PRCA 3334

Write a review of your favorite TV show – without giving away any spoilers. Explain to your readers what drew you to the show and why you continue to watch it. Write in such a way to persuade others to also want to watch this program. Include when it airs (night and time), as well as the station/channel.


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This topic is for PRCA 3334 – Social Media & PR

Read the following articles, then discuss these questions:

Celebrities have been using social media along with everyone else for quite some time. Which celebrities do you follow? Why did you choose to follow them? Have you unfollowed a celebrity? If so, why?

Of the celebrities you follow, or followed, select three and state what rating (A-F) you you give them in terms of how they used social media to connect with their fanbase. Explain the rating.

One of the following articles discusses Will Ferrell using his celebrity to raise money for charity. Have any of the celebrities you follow used social media to raise money for charity? If so, did you donate to their cause? Why/why not? Do you think some celebrities are able to get others to donate based on their celebrity status?

If your favorite celebrity is not on social media, or not very active, if you worked for them/their agent how would you pitch the idea of using social media to connect with their fans?


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This topic is for PRCA 3330 – PR Writing.


Read this article, then discuss the following questions on your blog.

Who would you consider to be an influencer (a “regular” person) for your client? Why? How do you know they are an influencer?

If you were to suggest a “celebrity” to be an influencer for your client, who would you recommend and why? What could this person do to help your organization?

Remember, you must post your response on your blog.

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