You’ve grown up with superhero cartoons and movies. If you could have super powers, which superhero power(s) would you want to have? Why did you choose those? What power(s) would you not want to have and why?





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spring-breakNext week is spring break 🙂 What are your plans? Are you heading to the beach, a cruise, visiting family, working, etc.? Share your plans (keep it clean).

If money were not an object, where would you want to head to this spring break? Why?

writing-reviewsBefore a purchasing an item or using a particular service, how often have you or your parents/family members looked to reviews posted online? Often these reviews (for hotels, restaurants, events, businesses) help the next person in their decision making process. In one study researchers found customer reviews were more helpful than those of “experts.”

This article provides six tips to writing a great product review. For this week’s blog, select something to review (a restaurant, a particular product/service, hotel, piece of equipment, etc.) on your blog. In your review rank what you are reviewing on a five point star scale (5 stars is high, 1 star is low), but be sure to back up your ranking in your written review. Include a photo of what you are reviewing.

Following is a link to a product review yours truly wrote about Biscoff Cookies. Remember to include a disclaimer if you received the product for “free” in exchange for writing the review. This is an FTC guideline – not disclosing this fact could get you into some hot water….

mobile-apps-pile-ss-1920Virtually everyone has a smartphone today and on those phones are a variety of apps from music to maps to games and more. According to this article, the number one app of 2016 was Facebook. Do you agree with this top 10 list? Do you have all of the apps on the list? What apps would be in your top 10 and why? Which app(s) do you use most often?

What is an app you believe needs to be created? What would it include? Why do you think it’s important for it to be developed?

It’s a question often asked, “was the movie better than the book?” or “was the book better than the movie?” Read this article, then discuss the following questions on your blog:

  • Briefly discuss a book (one you have read – even if only the cliff notes) that was developed into a film (don’t give away any key plot points).
  • Did you like the book or movie better? Why?
  • What was different and did the differences affect the movie in a positive or negative way (in your opinion)?
  • In reference to the book/movie you are discussing on your blog, how many of the points from the article do you agree/disagree with?
  • What is a book you think should be developed into a movie and why?
  • What is a book you think should not be developed into a movie and why?


super-bowl-51Regardless of who won the game, most people associate the “big game” with commercials rather than the game itself while others tune in just for the commercials and/or the halftime show. Did you know the cost of a 30 second spot in this year’s Super Bowl was $5 million (same as last year)?

First, what are your thoughts on the cost of one 30 second commercial? Of the commercials which ran during Super Bowl 51, in your opinion, which were well worth that cost and which were not?  What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? (if you didn’t watch do a Google search to find the commercials that ran during the game) Why?

Include a link to (or embed in your blog post) your favorite and least favorite commercials (one of each).

Remember, you must post your response on your blog.


influencersRead this article, then discuss the following questions on your blog. It should come as no surprise there are individuals who each of us are influenced by. What is it about them that causes us to be influenced?

Who would you consider to be an influencer (a “regular” person) for your client? Why? How do you know they are an influencer?

If you were to suggest a “celebrity” to be an influencer for your client, who would you recommend and why? What could this person do to help your organization?

Who are some celebrities you would not want associated with your client/brand? Why?

Remember, you must post your response on your blog.


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